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Love the kit I bought from best billiards. Without a doubt the best I've ever bought (and I have bought and installed a few) Your complete kit was very complete. The instruction (although I didn't need them) was informative and if you were a newbe to recovering pool tables, would make this a very doable job. Nothing left to the imagination, every step was simplified. Why pay $750.00 (best price where i live Salem VA) and not have any idea what kind of materials were used. It is a 6 hour job, even for a newbe. The 4 big advantages with best billiards, everything is precut, the quality of the products , GREAT customer service, unreal prices (go price kits on the web). Championship cloth is the best for a home table, Simonis is great, but too fast for a home table, makes average players nervous about their game. Gary
I won't lie, I did the research. And you out beat a lot of the competition. Thank you. Hoping to do more business in the future. Charles
This past week I ordered a piece of Simonis 860, color spruce from you - I remember stressing the importance of the order getting shipped as soon as possible. I just wanted to drop a note thanking you; the cloth was delivered overnight the next morning, and after installation was christened in a tournament, receiving rave reviews. Thank you again, and expect continued business from me in the future! Joe
Excellent service, answered my numerous questions politely, and professionally. Quality products were shipped. No cheap stuff. Excellent instructionals on web site. I looked all over the web for a better supplier. Best billiards is the winner after hours of searching and studying. Doug
I sucessfully designed and built my first table in college about four years ago primarily based on information gleaned from this site (the old book refrence), and I am very pleased to see that the site has even better information available now as I will be building another table later this year. If I find photos of my old table (still lingering somewhere in Logan, Utah) I would love to share them as well as photos of the new table once completed. Keep up the good work, I couldn't have done it the first time and wouldn't attempt it the second time without this site. Joel
I called a couple of places for a quote on setup and recover. After discussing with one of them about doing it myself, they said I would eventually call them back to do the job right. Hah! Proved the wrong! Your online recovering/refelting instructions is great and definitely helpful. By following your procedures step by step, I was able to refelt my table with no problem. Thanks for saving me $300.00. Mark
I made the mistake of buying a table from another company before I realized best billiards existed. The table is beatiful but the company didn't offer any resources for do it yourself install or offer any products necessary to set up the table. If not for this site I would still not have a table to play on because I couldn't afford $400 right now to pay someone to set up the table. I will be making all my future purchases from you! Thanks A million!! Bill
I have spent about 3-4 hours on the web searching for info on refelting, buying a kit, etc. When I came across your site, my searching was over -your site is excellent! I was able to find a bit of information on how the refelting process is supposed to go, watch a simple video or two, see a clear color chart on the colors I have to choose, and even learn the right "lingo" for talking about it. Thanks for your helpful information & kudos to your webmaster for a simple, clearly laid out site (I should know, Im a web developer too)! Im looking forward to the project. Thanks Chris
Your site is so clear and up front, no asking for a quote or guessing. You have the price and picture, thanks Ginger
Great site. Everything I needed to build my pool table was here! Thanks Justin
I would like to thank you for your well built site it was extreamly easy to pick and order from you. And your prices were the lowestthat I have found. I look forward to doing more buisness with you in the future. Lee
Thanks for all of your help over the phone today. Great customer service! Beth
My request is simple...Keep this Great Site on the internet.I have learned a lot of things I needed to know,like what makes for a good pool table, and just how to seem up the slate with the wax.I tend to foget things so PLEASE keep this site in case I need it later. Matthew
Got my Bodie put together last night. Thanks for all the help, Ron. Anyone reading this message, order your pool supplies here. I guarantee you'll be satisfied! Tracey
I ordered an 8' recovering kit in Electric Blue. I received everything as expected, but decided Electric Blue wasn't going to work. It was absolutely ZERO hassle to return and exchange the felt for Slate Blue. On top of that, it turns out my table needed different cushions than those I ordered. Again, NO hassle doing an exchange. I can't say enough for your customer service. Keep up the good work! I know I'll be back! Bob
I have to thank you for your obvious commitment to help the customer . If all of my transactions were handled with the same commitment you've shown my life would be a lot less hectic. Mark
Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions on the phone last Saturday. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated all the help you have provided me during the last couple of weeks. I completed the recovering of my table late Saturday night and I can't tell you how much difference the new cloth has made in the playability. I was very reluctant to attempt this on my own, but with your instructions I was able to complete the job with very satisfactory results. Terry
Just a quick thanks for the valuable information offered on your site. Darren
Thanks for all your help with the materials for our pool table. My son finished building it a couple of weeks ago in his high school woods class ... it looked good there ... and even better in our basement! Thanks again for all your help. Tim
I have ordered material (Brunswick High Speed cushions) and a a good bit of other material. The speed of service and the quality of material is great. The quality of this site is one of the best that I have seen. I hope you have many years of serving the public. Steve
Hey, I know you people are probably busy but I just wanted to say Thank you for offering such an informative page with no B.S. Thank's again Tom
Thanks again for your prompt response to our order. Jim
I recently ordered the full restoration kit from you. I was very pleased with the quality of the rubbers and the felt. Your instructions made the job a snap and we are now playing pool on a 20 year old table that looks and plays like brand new. I will soon be ordering some new leather pockets and a new cue and ball rack. Due to the high quality of product and service I received here I know where I'll go for my purchases. Keep up the excellent work Jerry