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How to Refelt a Pool Table
This is a full set of recovering/refelting instructions for the Do-It-Yourselfer.

How to Build a Pool Table
This is an article on how to build a pool table. The author goes through all the steps of building a pool table.

Pool Table Build List
Here is list of products generally used to build a pool table.

Important Features of a Billiard Table
What to look for and why.

10 Questions
10 Questions to ask before deciding which table to buy.

Cloth Cutting Guide
Did you know that cloth rips in a straight line. No cutting is neccassary.

BCA Equipment Specifications
Ever wondered what diameter a cue ball is or how wide your pockets should be. Read here to find out more about the proper equipments specifications from the BCA.

How to Maintain Your Pool Table
Do these few things and your table cloth will last a lot longer.

Room Sizing Guide
Having enough room to play is a critical factor when playing pool. Your table will be much more enjoyable if you have enough room to make your shot

Sealing Slate Seams
When moving or refelting your table, sealing the seams is a critical step.

Stretching Bed Cloth
Learn how to properly stretch your bed cloth. An uneven stretch makes a poor playing surface.

Table Sizing
This guide is very helpful if your not sure what size table you have.

What You Need to Know About Slate
Slate is a fine-grained, hard rock made up of clay, mica, quartz and other minerals.

Facts about Italian and Brazilian Slate
Which one should you get?

What are ball burns
Marks left on the surface of the cloth