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Replacing Cushions

There are four steps to replacing cushions:

First, clean glue from wood backing. The best method for cleaning the rail is using a product like Gunk Off or something similar. This completely remove all unwanted glue residue. The other method is to sand it off. This way is a little harder and can take more time.

Second, apply Industrial strength contact adhesive to both the cushion and the wood. Let it stand for 10 minutes then apply the cushion. Use for fingers to align the top of the cushion with the top of the wood rail. If there is a cloth covering one one side of the cushion, that side is on top. The cloth piece is used as an additional protection for your billiard cloth.

Third, trim the cushion to fit the table. Use a straight edge to mark the cutting line. Simple use the existing angle from the wood rail as a guide. Use a very sharp knife, a long bladed razor works well. It doesn't have to be exact, but it should be as close as possible. The rubber facing will help make up for any small imperfections.

Fourth, apply rubber facings. Use contact adhesive to apply the rubber facing to the end of the cushion. Then use a razor knife to trim the excess away. The result will be finished end to your rail.

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