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How-To Guides

Tools Needed

Staple Gun Stapling cloth to bed and rails. Electric or Hand will work.
Rubber Mallet Seating feather stripping into rails
Ratchet w/Long Extension Rail bolts, pocket bolts, legs (9/16",1/2",7/16")
Level Leveling table, any level will work
Paint Scraper Scrape wax or plaster from table seam
Awl and Wire Cutters Used to pull staples
Razor Blades Misc cloth cutting
Screw Drivers General table assembly

Spray Adhesive Gluing cloth to slate and finishing pockets
Contact Adhesive Used to glue cushions to rails
Bees Wax w/ Resin Used to seal seams, plaster can be used as an alternative, but is messy and hard to remove.
Cushions Replacement cushions
Rubber Facings Used to finish end of cushion.
Billiard Cloth Replacement cloth
Feather Stripping Used to hold cloth in top of rail
Wood Shims Used to level slate and table
String Used for leveling slate</td>