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Ten Questions to Ask Before Buying a Pool Table

1. Is the frame constructed of solid wood or plywood and particle board?

2. Does the frame support the slate on all surfaces?

3. Is the top rail made of particle board or solid wood?

4. If a laminated rail is used, is it burn and scratch resistant high pressure laminate?

5. If a two-piece wood rail is used, are both the rail cap and rail base constructed of hardwoods such as oak for the cap and poplar for the base?

6. Is the cushion a full-profile, canvas-backed Grade A cushion rubber?

7. Are the slates diamond-honed matched? In other words, are all three pieces from the same cut?

8. If the slate is framed, is it backed with poplar or MDF? Plywood or particle board is a poor backing material.

9. Is the billiard cloth a heavy wool/nylon blend cloth?

10. Is the leg construction primarily solid wood and do the legs attach to the table in such a way as to provide rigidity? If the legs are not attached well, the table will rock or move when you lean against it to shoot.